Supplier Relationship Management – 1-Day Introduction

This introductory course covers the basic principles of the Positive Purchasing Supplier Management (SM) process as part of an overall SRM approach. The course is designed to help stakeholders and purchasing staff to the understand the principles of the buyer/seller relationship and to provide the basic tools and approaches needed to maximize the value from key relationships.

The training course is interactive and inspirational. Our experienced trainers deliver an intensive session of classroom learning and group work, with opportunities to tailor the components to the particular challenges of your organization’s procurement function.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe what makes some suppliers more important than others
  • Describe the different approaches and types of intervention for important suppliers
  • Understand how suppliers gain advantage
  • Apply a series of approaches to better manage a supplier
  • Better manage interactions with suppliers and develop relationships as appropriate
  • Apply simple contract management principles
  • Conduct a supplier review meeting
  • Manage supplier performance and deal with issues or the need for improvement

Who should attend

  • Junior or developing buyers
  • Stakeholders who interface with or manage suppliers in some way

Course content

  • The buyer/supplier relationships
  • What makes some suppliers important or strategic
  • Value possible from a well-managed relationship
  • The seller’s perspective and agenda and how they gain advantage
  • Measuring supplier performance
  • Driving supplier improvements
  • Managing the supplier to get the results needed
  • Contract management
  • Creating the right relationship
  • Managing supplier meetings, reviews and interactions.
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