Category Segmentation and Opportunity Analysis Workshop

A 1-day or 2-day facilitated workshop to identify and prioritize the categories the organization will pursue in order to secure the optimum value and advantage. Designed to maximize the impact by utilizing the knowledge and insight of key individuals within the company with experience of the organization’s current spend and suppliers, this workshop provides a guided journey to structuring a new strategic roadmap for the short to medium term.

The workshop is designed to be run with typically 5-7 of your most senior or experienced individuals equipped with, if possible, any spend data you might have together with a knowledge of what the company is trying to achieve. Initially the workshop takes the team through a carefully facilitated process to determine or validate category scope and definitions to create a discrete list of market facing categories and the level at which categories will be worked on.

Using our multi-dimensional category opportunity analysis tool, the agreed categories are systematically evaluated to determine and agree those that have the potential to contribute the greatest value and what might be required to realize this. Finally we identify the priorities for action and agree a short to medium term roadmap.

The facilitated Category Segmentation and Opportunity Analysis workshop can deliver exceptional results and provide impactful strategic direction and planning in just one or two days. With the right people assembled and some good basic data, this single workshop can achieve the same or better results as entire big programs of work by large consulting firms. Category segmentation and opportunity analysis is typically deployed as part of a wider governance approach. Workshop duration as agreed and according to specific objectives or scale of work involved.

Workshop objectives and deliverables

By the end of this workshop, key outputs will comprise:

  • Agreed category list and structure including the level we will work at
  • Prioritized category opportunity analysis
  • Roadmap of categories to work on short to medium term

Who should attend

This workshop is suitable for:

  • CPOs and senior teams attempting to identify future category structure and priorities
  • Experienced procurement practitioners with knowledge of the organization, current categories of spend and key suppliers

Workshop content

  • Clarification of business mission, aims and objectives and how these translate to procurement
  • Determination/validation of overall category structure and individual ‘market facing’ scope and category definitions
  • Multi-dimensional opportunity analysis to determine the value potential across all selected categories
  • Prioritization against required business results
  • Determination of short/medium term roadmap

This workshop will be delivered by a senior experienced procurement expert with specialist capability in helping organizations determine procurement strategy and category frameworks/roadmaps.