Procleus – Enabling Category Management

The complete online strategic procurement academy, toolkit and resource centre for purchasing professionals

Our unique Procleus digital platform enables global procurement teams to deliver remarkable benefits and unlock significant potential from the supply base. Featuring an extensive library of digital learning modules, individual competency assessment and managed learning programs alongside the complete suite of processes, tools, templates and resources for procurement and negotiation, Procleus is the essential tool for today’s procurement teams.

Procleus brings together your entire global procurement team by establishing a common process, language and ways of working throughout your organization.

The platform helps you manage complete learning and development programs and provide all the procurement and negotiation skills your team needs to realize success. Procleus equips you to develop high performing global teams by enabling collaboration and managed workflow for strategic procurement and negotiation projects.

Procleus is modular and fully customizable for your organization with a range of options that can be added or removed in accordance with your priorities to support where you are on your procurement transformation journey.


Our complete digital platform for procurement practitioners

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Toolkits - Strategic Sourcing and Negotiation Toolkits

Process and full suite of tools to support each step (including quick reference guides and practitioner resources), plus online and downloadable templates for:

  • Category Management
    5i® Category Management sourcing and 5i® Lite - a streamlined version for less complicated areas of spend
  • Supplier Relationship Management
    5S Orchestra of SRM® including 5A Strategic Collaborative Relationship (SCR) process
  • Negotiation
    Red Sheet®, Red Sheet Lite and Red Sheet Nano negotiation planning toolkits
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Procurement Academy

A comprehensive range of assessment, self-study and managed learning programs to measure and develop individual and team wide capability:

  • Competency assessment - multi-point procurement or negotiation assessment tools for individuals or an entire team
  • Learning and development plans - individual personal develop plans or team-wide learning and development roadmaps
  • On-demand video learning - vast library of high-quality streamed videos for all core processes, tools and activities
  • Digital learning library - substantial library of digital learning modules for category management, SRM and negotiation
  • Digital dynamic learning - managed time-bound team learning programs, with options ranging from 'digital learning weeks' to 12-month supported programs
  • Option to create unique custom digital and/or video based learning modules or programs to reflect specific organizational needs

Procleus is a secure online platform that is fully compliant with the latest data and security requirements for the US and EU. Procleus is provided on a subscription basis with options for customization in your branding with unique content and addition of your specific material.


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