Negotiation – 2-Day Red Sheet Lite

Our 2-day negotiation training course is based on our Red Sheet® Lite process and includes essential negotiation planning with extensive practical training, including a video roleplay.

The course takes delegates through the fundamentals of negotiation. It includes determining the requirements for a negotiation and developing a concession strategy. The different sources of power in negotiation are explored and delegates learn how to structure and prepare for the negotiation meeting. This includes setting target outcomes and planning the sequence of interactions needed to secure a successful result.

Attendees of this highly interactive and practical course will learn the tactics and techniques that can help in a negotiation, including reading and using body language and verbal language. Delegates will witness different winning approaches first-hand and try putting some into practice. The two days culminate in a simple team-based roleplay, with immediate feedback.

This training allows delegates to apply what they have learned in practice in a safe environment. As a result of the course they will have the gained the confidence to be more in control of the negotiation process and to secure better outcomes.

We can deliver this course at your chosen venue almost anywhere in the world, exclusively for your team. The recommended group size is 12–16 delegates (maximum 20). The course is flexible and can be customized to your specific needs – with a specific focus (e.g. a buying, selling or security) for dedicated teams, or for a mixed audience.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe and determine what types of negotiation to use
  • Structure, plan and execute simple negotiations
  • Determine and change the balance of power in a negotiation
  • Determine requirements and outcomes and develop a concession strategy
  • Begin to apply techniques around body language and verbal language to a negotiation
  • Apply a selection of tactics and techniques to help secure successful outcomes

Who should attend

  • Procurement professionals
  • Sales professionals
  • Project managers
  • Internal negotiators
  • Security experts (kidnap and ransom)
  • Those engaged in mergers and acquisition
  • Government officials and diplomats
  • Anyone who negotiates in their profession

Course content

Each delegate will receive:

  • A full colour Red Sheet® Lite workbook
  • A starter supply of Red Sheet Lite® desk pads
  • A negotiator’s guide to popular tactics and techniques
  • Body language workbook
  • A copy of the book Negotiation for Procurement Professionals by Jonathan O’Brien (optional extra)
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Course modules:

  • Introduction to negotiation and the different types of negotiation
  • Matching your negotiation approach to the situation, objectives and type of relationship required
  • Planning the negotiation event using Red Sheet® Lite
  • Engaging stakeholders
  • Building a concession strategy
  • Power balance and how to influence it
  • Planning the negotiation event
  • Managing the negotiation event
  • Winning tactics for all stages of negotiation
  • Body language – How to read your opponent, how not to give the game away
  • Use of spoken language to influence outcomes
  • Videos from leading negotiators
  • Team roleplay
  • Series of simple roleplays and practical exercises