Negotiation Competency Assessment

Future proof your organization's core capability, align negotiation skills development to strategic goals

Our Competency Assessment programs are designed to determine a measure of core specialized negotiation or strategic procurement capability against 15- or 25-point competency frameworks. We offer assessment solutions for individuals or a group through a fully managed interview based program with the option of customization for your organization.

We provide you with a clear understanding of the current mix and level of capability in your personal skillset or procurement organization, which capabilities are needed for the future, and where investment in learning and development will have the greatest impact.

Assessment results not only identify skills gaps and unexpected proficiencies, but enable the design of focused personal development programs concentrated upon your highest priority areas.

For team-wide assessments, this also provides the framework to engage with every member of your team in a one-to-one situation.

Structured insights to guide future investment

With two stages of interaction, our managed programs process is unique. Our approach combines an initial self-assessment, supported by real-life examples and personal achievements, with a one-to-one interview with an experienced negotiation or procurement practitioner to corroborate the results.

Suitable for procurement and negotiation professionals at all levels, and within various roles, our competency assessment programs offer structured insights into personal and team-wide capabilities, and provide the basis to create a targeted learning and development roadmap. Repeat assessments over a 12-18 month period allow capability improvement to be measured over time.

Make the business case to future proof your team

We offer two options for Negotiation Competency Assessment, each incorporating our proven methodology.

Option 1 - Individual Competency Assessment with Interview

This option combines an initial online-self assessment with a 1-2 hour interview, by telephone or web conference, with a negotiation professional.

This enables our experts to conduct a thorough, in-depth assessment of individual competency levels against our framework.

Ideal for individuals or small teams who want to determine where learning and development is required, and perfect as part of a recruitment process, this process concludes with a fully personalized assessment summary and development roadmap.

Online Competency Assessment

Option 2 - Fully-managed Team-wide Negotiation Competency Assessment

A full team-based competency assessment, with customization options, including managed online self-assessment, corroboration interview and suite of reporting. This option is designed to give individual and team-wide assessment of strengths and opportunities for development, and to identify gaps for improvement based on best practice.

Online Competency Assessment

This assessment approach is the perfect first step for functions seeking to embark on core negotiation capability development or strategic procurement transformation programs.

The results from our proven 8-step process will ultimately enable you to future proof your team by forming the basis of, and business case for, an organization-wide best practice skills development and capability uplift program.

All of our Competency Assessment offerings can be combined with a subscription to Procleus, our strategic procurement academy and toolkit, or Red Sheet Online Negotiation to provide you with a tailored development program and your own, unique online digital learning program.


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