Red Sheet Online Negotiation

This digital version of Red Sheet® offers everything you could need to plan and conduct any kind of negotiation. It provides access to a vast catalogue of negotiation resources, including an electronic version of our Red Sheet, Red Sheet Lite and Red Sheet Nano toolkits and an interactive negotiation planning process.

You’ll also be able to utilize a wealth of tactics, techniques and culture guidance, with downloadable resources and online learning using our latest high-quality video tuition modules. There is also scope for collaborating with peers when you need to.

Red Sheet Online is an innovative and invaluable support system for procurement professionals and others who are serious about achieving excellence in a negotiating role.

Red Sheet Online is available as part of our carefully packaged individual, team or corporate negotiation solutions which can be purchased through our Store or as an optional module in Procleus®, our complete online strategic procurement academy, toolkit and resource centre for purchasing professionals.

What’s included

Negotiation resources – Full downloadable reference guides, templates and examples to help with each step of the Red Sheet negotiation planning and execution process.

Video tuition modules – High-quality streamed video tuition and example negotiation modules for each planning step to provide on-demand training and support.

Online negotiation planning – Collaborate globally and plan your next negotiation online using the electronic Red Sheet tool or download the electronic version to use locally.

Negotiation tactics library – Find the move you need to counter your opponent and steer negotiations towards achieving your desired outcome, with access to 100 negotiation tactics and techniques, including rich media video demonstrations of each.

Country Culture Guides – Downloadable country-by-country culture guides to support negotiations around the world. Match your negotiation to the setting using essential cultural information and planning tips for each country, including the four cultural indicators used by Red Sheet®.

Body language and spoken language modules – Help read their position and avoid giving the game away with our practical guides which includes digital situational examples of what to look for and what to avoid.

Negotiation e-learning – Learn key aspects of negotiation without the need to travel, using our range of online training courses. Manage and plan your learning at the pace that suits you with your own personal training plan.