Supplier Relationship Management

Unlocking the Hidden Value in Your Supply Base


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The term ‘SRM’ holds different meanings to different people and this book seeks to bring clarity here. Supplier Relationship Management is a strategic, organization-wide philosophy, that brings together a series of discrete supplier and supply chain approaches including supplier performance measurement (SPM), supplier improvement & development (SI&D), supply chain management (SCM) and strategic collaborative relationships (SCR).

SRM provides the means to select and integrate these different components according to how an individual supplier or a supply chain can add value to a business. SRM is therefore an ensemble of complementary supply base interventions, determined and coordinated strategically according to corporate aims and objectives.

Supplier Relationship Management delivers a framework of resources for anyone who manages or interfaces with important suppliers, for contract management, to understand and manage the supply chain or to establish joint, collaborative relationships with the critical few strategic suppliers who can help bring new competitive advantage. A proven approach for supply base segmentation is included, together with tools and approaches for supplier performance measurement and driving improvements.

This book clarifies links between procurement and supply chain management, and explains how ‘The Orchestra of SRM®’ approach helps design a highly effective SRM program that will give the greatest return for our efforts.